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Gray’s Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy

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Gray’s Anatomy

Bespoke design box contains one anatomical heart and brain

Inspiration from the book Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray.

Available in a fragrance in an old returning  favourite 

Apple Candy 

A a crisp and fruity scent derived from a blend of green and red apple to temper the sweetness. The Green Apple notes add wonderful freshness, depth, and tartness to the scent.  

contains Aldehyde c16 (strawberry pure) hexyl cinnamic aldehyde

Wax melt safety

Remove from packaging and place wax melt in well of your burner.Use with an unscented tea light.Keep out of reach of children & pets.keep out of draughts.Do not move while lit.Never leave a burning candle unattended

Recyclable Packaging