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The Origin Of The Tooth  Faerie

The Origin Of The Tooth Faerie

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 The Origin of the Tooth Faerie..

During the days of witch hunts, people believed that witches could curse someone using their lost teeth. Because of this belief, it was imperative that baby teeth be properly disposed of to save children from hexing.

To ensure you were safe, the tooth had to either be swallowed, buried, or burned.

Available in one of of enchanting fragrances-Nag Champa

Sweet aromatic powdery top notes followed by floral hints of frangipani, lily and orange flower onto a woody base of sandalwood, patchouli, musk and vanilla.

Each bespoke box contains a velvet pouch containing 90g of fragranced wax teeth . Suggested use 10-12g per burn

Wax melt safety

Remove from packaging and place wax melt in well of your burner.Use with an unscented tea light.Keep out of reach of children & pets.keep out of draughts.Do not move while lit.Never leave a burning candle unattended